Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Snow Day

WOW! What a perfect winter day! We got about 12 inches of snow and it was the perfect texture for making snowmen and forts. I couldn't wait to go outside with the boys. It was very hard for Logan to walk in the deep snow. William and Kyle ran out and enjoyed playing on the slide. I started making a snowman and fort but the boys didn't want to help. They said it would take too long. Shortly after that they wanted to go back inside. I couldn't believe it. As a child I would be out in the snow all day. My mom would have to drag me in. Every kid in the neighborhood would be outside making forts, play games and just enjoying the wonderful snow. It was very disappointing that they didn't feel the same way. Maybe in a few years they will feel differently.

Either way, I enjoyed the short time I got to play.

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