Friday, June 27, 2008

Not a Blogger at Heart

OK....I'm not a blogger. To me you should posted at least once a week. I'm lucky to put something on once a quarter. And usually it's nothing very interesting.

Update on me

Feeling great! Depression under control. Getting back into my health and fitness. Join group training class and got a MAP test done at the gym. My next goal is to get my recipes and shopping under control. I want to make a cookbook with my favorites from my different books but I also want to create some meal plans. Either monthly or weekly I'm not sure yet.

Update on Kyle

His lastest allergy test were the same. Allergic to many items: Soy, Rice, COrn, Peas, Bananas, Lemon, etc.... Basiclly the plan is to elimante everything and slowly re introduce the items to see how he feels. We did that with corn already and he seems to be fine with that.

The biggest problem now is his tyroid. It was very high for his age. I'm waiting for the specialist to get back with me. They have to determine when they can fit him in base on how bad the data is.

Update on William

His tooth is still hanging on. He will not let me pull it but the gum line is so red and sore looking. I'm sure it will come out soon but it's already been weeks.

His new obession is Indian Jones. If I would let him he would watch it daily. He wants to invite Harrison Ford to his birthday party. (That would be a nice gift for Mom).

Update on Logan

Still in his terrible twos. He can sing the theme song to Indian Jones, thanks to William's obession. He is talking so much but still like to throw a fit first to see what response he will get.

Update on Ken

Work, work, work. The business has been so busy. It's great especial with the way the economy is. Next week we will have a meeting to hammer out the details for taking over Quality Tech. I'm glad Ken is thinking smaller. He usually likes to have everything the biggest and the best, but I think it's best to grow slowly and to grow out of things, then into things.

Other news:

We got the WII Fit. I love it. The boys love it. It's been so much fun to play and it gets us all moving. I can live with video games like that.