Saturday, July 19, 2008

Creative Bug

Today I started painting our "dinning room". It's never been a dining room and probably never will be but it's easiest to list it as dining room.

Since we moved in, this room was a play room. It was a great use of the room with 3 little boys running around. When we finished the basement and moved most of the toys down in the playroom we made, I started dreaming of what the "dining room" could be.

I plan on making it a computer/homework/craft room. There will be room for all of us to work on our own projects and still be together. Maybe I'll get more work done.

Tomorrow I should be done with the painting. It's going to be a brownish yellow. I'm going to use red as my accent color. I planned all the furniture out at the IKEA web-site and just need to make a trip out to Canton.

I also got working on a card for the 2Sketches4you challenge. ( Here's a look at it:

1 comment:

  1. Monica,
    I love this card. Is it paper or digital? The tinsel looks so realistic.