Saturday, July 26, 2008

Detour to Ikea

I had the mini van cleaned out. All the seats were removed. There was enough room to pick up all the furniture at Ikea. Too bad the mini-van never made it there.

As we got off the express-way the van made a funny noise and died. I was able to coast into a Tim Hortons parking lot and call AAA. They were able to get a tow truck to me within 30 minutes and luckily DH found a dealer that was open near by. I was also very lucky that Enterprise Rent-a-Car was open at that time. The van will not be looked at until Monday, so I'm driving a Jeep SUV until then.

My mom and me finally got to Ikea two hours later then expected but we were excited to finally be there. Since the Jeep was small then my mini-van I could only get about half of what I needed, but I'm going to Ikea next weekend with my aunt.

That store is so dangerous for me. Everything just looks so nice and most things are so inexpensive that it's easy to put things in your cart and worry about the total later.

I'll have to wait a few more weeks to get the computer room done but I can not wait to start working on it and organizing everything.

Have a great weekend!!

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