Monday, July 21, 2008

Healthy Child

I've been reading this great book called Healthy Child Healthy World. I'm not even done with the book but wanted to share it with you. It's a guide to creating a cleaner, greener, safer home for you and your children.

The reason I like it so much is because it guides you in making small changes that make a big impact. You always hear you should be greener, eat better, use less chemical but no one really gives you a simple way to start making the change. This book does just that. Each chapter focus on a different issue (ie. cleaning your home, eating better, beauty products, etc.) I've followed the steps for changing from commercial cleaning products to making my own. I've been wanting to do this, but it just seemed overwhelming until I read this book. I now have 4 spray bottles filled with cleaner that I made for a fraction of the cost and I'm not afraid of my kids using them. The only commercial, but green, product I buy are laundry soap (Ecos brand), dishwasher soap (seventh generation) and toilet cleaner (seventh generation). But I can clean the toilets with out this but my hubby prefers the liquid stuff.

If you interested in giving eco-friendly cleaning a try here's an easy place to start:
Mix equal parts distilled vinegar with water. Use this to clean windows and as a base cleaner for counter tops or tables (just for quick wipe ups). If your worried about streaks on your windows use newspaper to dry them. Or buy some micro clothes. You can get them at most stores. I bought mine at Sams Club in the auto area. Use one for wiping the window and one for drying. Then just wash them in your regular wash - no wasted paper towel!

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