Friday, July 11, 2008

My Trip

My 2 hour flight to Georgia took 6 long hours. There was bad weather in Georgia so we were delayed in taking off and then had to hold a flight pattern for about an hour when we got close. I didn't mind the delay because I got to start my new book and we had some entertainment on the flight. There was a very strange man sitting in the row in front of me and it was funny listening to him.

It was great to get off the plane and stretch my legs and to see my family. I was so excited when I saw Shelly, Bill and the girls all waiting for me. I could tell we were going to have a great time. We didn't really have anything planned but I was just looking forward to hanging out with my sister.

Bill had to go away for work, so it was going to be a true girls only weekend. On Friday we went to the mall were Amanda works. We did some shopping and then painted some potty at the store she works at. That evening I checked my emails and by some weird twist of faith I got a message from one of the message boards regarding a scrapbook convention in Atlanta. The convention was right around the corner from the Palaski home and it was that weekend. So, on Saturday morning Shelly and I put on our best walking shoes and grabbed our credit cards and headed to the convention.

We took one class that was just amazing. The sponsor was Rusty Pickle. I love there papers and the instructor was fabulous. We created a canvas album. It was so beautiful.

The rest of the weekend was spent watching chick flicks, eating out, talking and being silly. The time went by so fast. On the way home I thought about all the fun and thinking about next time. But I was also thinking about how nice it was to get away to all the demands of my family for a few days, but also how great it would be to see them again.

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