Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Small World - FACES reborn

I've been toying with the idea of getting our local food allergy group back together. About a year ago it stopped because no one was willing to take of the reins. Ever since we found out about all of Kyle's new problems I felt like I needed to be there for others that get the news. It's so overwhelming when you are first told and I want to make it easier for other families.

Anyways, I decided to contact a few people from the old group. One being the person that started it all, Liz. She had moved away a few years ago, but I knew she would help me get the courage to set up. To my surprise Liz emailed me back and she just moved back to Michigan. She hasn't put the word out yet because they are still getting settled. I'm so excited that we can work on this together now.

Another website that has been helping me get more information is I've just started looking around the site but I really like it so far. Everyone seems very friendly and it's such a large community that people always have ideas.

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