Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekly Recap


The school year is off to a running start. I thought it would be so easy to get into a routine once the boys went back to school, but I was wrong. There have been so many little fires to take care of that I'm not getting anything done. But I still have hope.

I've committed to myself that I will go to the gym at least twice a week. I'm also trying to figure out what time would work best for my daily walk. I don't think the morning is going to work because it's already so cold and I have a hard time getting out of a warm bed. :)

The rest of the family has been really busy.

William is enjoying 3rd grade. Surprisingly he is not bring home the loads of homework I was waiting for, but he still has plenty to keep him busy in the evenings. Last Friday he scored his first goal in soccer. I wasn't at the game but Ken got a really good picture of him right as he was kicking he ball.

Kyle is loving 1st grade. He gets so excited with new challenging subjects. His favorite special is Art and he is doing great in that. His last picture had a message from his art teacher that read "WOW! This is fantastic! You are very talented and creative!" He was so proud to read that to me and I was so proud of the wonderful job he did.

The down side to this week of school for Kyle is that his asthma is flaring up bad. The weather changed on Sunday night and that is when his asthma gets to be uncontrollable. I took him to the doctors yesterday and we have to give him his Orepred for 5 days and give him breathing treatments every 4-6 hours. At school they have a rescue inhaler and they been using it. I think I understand (finally) how to handle his asthma. Once I see him having problem I have to be aggressive to get it back under control. I was too passive before, because I didn't want to over do anything.

Logan is excited to be going to preschool. We had a field trip to Westview Cider Mill on Monday. Of course it rained, was very windy and so cold. Logan was not happy most of the time. The only time he had a big smile was when he got his donut.

He has been a real trooper with going to work with me. We go Monday after school and he gets to eat lunch in my office and then watch shows on a little TV. He has been behaving very well for the 3-4 hours we are at the shop.

Ken has been working hard. We are still very busy - which is a huge blessing in this crazy day and age. We just got our first job to do work with Chrysler, so we will see how that all goes. Cash flow is still a pain, but at least I know people will pay us, just not a soon as I would like.

As for me, I'm still playing soccer once a week and loving it. We had a game on Monday night; we won 9-2. Like I said earlier in this post I'm trying to get a routine going and that is my goal for the next few weeks. Mainly a meal plan and a grocery shopping plan.

I'm going to try to do at least a weekly update....but I've said that before so don't hold you breath.
Talk to you soon!

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