Monday, November 30, 2009

17 Again

Welcome to the 17 Again train...If you came from Sara's blog I hope your enjoying the journey in time. If this is year first stop on the train, then let me give you some background. This train is a time travel journey. Each member of the train is going back to the time they were 17. We have a set list of questions to answer and we will be using photos or layouts to show off our style! Should be very interesting! This leg of your journey will take you to 1987-88. The time of big hair, skin tight pants, and new wave music!!

This was my senior year in high school and my first year of college. A time of huge changes in my life. I picked 17 of the questions to share with you today...

  • My hair style is...big bangs - or what we now like to call poodle hair.
  • My "fashionable" item is...just like now I'm was not that into clothing so I normal wore my skinny jeans and a polo shirt.
  • I drive a...Chevy Chevette. I recieve this car as a graduation present from my parents.
  • On a Saturday I where special. I hung out at my house, my boyfriends house or went to practice.
  • Monday-Friday I go...I went to school early for Pom-Pom team practice, then to school. After school it was either Track, drill team or marching band practice.
  • My best friends is...Diane, Lisa, Renee, Becky, Nancy (I'm still good friends with this ladies today).
  • My favorite subject...Math
  • My favorite place to hang bedroom
  • When I grow up I want for Disney
  • My favorite drink...Pepsi
  • My favorite food...Junk
  • My favorite band...B-52s
  • My favorite TV show...Family Ties
  • I recently saw...Dirty Dancing - just loved this movie, watched it almost every day
  • I wish I could visit...Europe
  • I am reading...Nine Princes of Amber by Roger Zelancy
  • One thing I want to do but can't...go away to school
Back to hair is not so big and my jeans are not so tight. I hope you enjoyed a pick of 1987/88 as I viewed my life. The next leg of the journey will take you back to 1994, so head on over to Gen's blog "brought to you by the letter B". Enjoy the blast from the past and stop by again soon.


  1. great post and layout! i am going to do another page with all my answers from this year (2009) the difference is astonishing!

  2. Your layout is great! Thanks for letting us peek! :)

  3. seems like big hair was a thing
    back in those days (:
    I love maths, too! but that was
    back in elementry school..

  4. No, my jeans aren't so tight any more either! Remember ski pants? They were pretty tight too! Great LO..I love the idea of including 2009 answers.

  5. Fantastic LO. I love the hair!

  6. I love how your layout is then and now :-) Thanks for sharing x

  7. Love your post and layout! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. Love the post and the layout is fab. I'm go to do a compariosn as well :)

    Sara x

  9. WOW, love, love, love your layout, TFS the memories :)

  10. Amazing layout! Really great replies to the questions, I really love this post!

  11. Dirty Dancing - my all time favourite movie :)
    Great LO,f un to see what changes and what stays the same....

  12. What a great layout and fun idea. Thanks for sharing it. I feel a "scraplift" coming on.