Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had a fantastic Halloween. I took the boys out to get the treats and Ken stayed home to give out the tricks. We had a mini haunted house at our door. We had some sheets up and the strobe light, fog machine and scary music. Ken was in costume (see picture below). He didn't say anything or jump out. He just stood by the candy bucket and pointed to it when kids were brave enough to come thru the door.

The boys had fun, but Logan and William decided to go in just after going around the block. William had fun helping Ken scare people. Kyle and I were out the whole night. We went to almost every house in our sub. When Kyle counted his candy (homework assignment) he had 176 items in his bag!
Today we spent the day putting everything away and getting out the Thanksgiving decorations. I hope everyone else had a wonderful night. Happy November 1st!

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