Friday, November 6, 2009

Help Smoke!!!

All I was trying to do was make a nice tort for my friends that were coming over for lunch tomorrow. Easy. Right. I bake all the time. The first part went well. I had all the ingredients, everything looked great, time to put it in the oven. That's when the problem started...

I noticed that my glasses seemed dirt. Everything seemed misty. Then my heart sank as I realized that there was smoke in the kitchen and living room. I ran to the oven to check on the tort. Luckily, the tort was fine, but what ever was on the bottom of the oven (something dripped) was smoking. I decided to let the tort finish and opened up some doors and windows to air the house out.

No big deal. Right. Nope. After the tort was finished I had the brilliant idea to do a self-clean of the oven. It obviously needed cleaning and that's what the clean button is for. Bad Idea. Billows of smoke started to come out of the oven. Then to make matters worse, all our smoke alarms started to go off. I had three boys covering their ears and yelling for mommy to stop the loud noise. I ran to the oven to cancel the cleaning cycle, then I ran upstairs to turn on the fans to try to get the smoke to come back down. I felt like I Love Lucy running around.

It felt like the alarms were going off forever, but I'm sure it was just a few minutes. The boys were happy that the noise was I. So in the end I have a nice tort and an oven that needs to be cleaned in the worst way - by hand what the point of the clean button? At least I know my smoke alarms work. : )

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