Monday, November 16, 2009

Holiday in Hand

The holidays are right around the corner. What's the first word that pops in your head after reading that?
fear, panic, stress or something like joy, peace and fun.
I have to admit, depending on the day I can feel any of these words and usually more than one at a time. This year I'm taking a wonderful new class over at Jessica Sprauge's playground called Holidays in Hand to help me record both the past and present memories of our holidays. I'm hoping this will help me focus more on the positive aspects of my holidays, rather then the negative.

One goal I have is to help my family focus more on the "non-tangible" things of the holidays. I'm tired of the "give-me's" and the "I-want's". The pile of gifts that are opened and discarded without a care. It was sad watching this every year.

To help ease into this new way of thinking, I decided last year to make a change in our gift giving. The boys were told to expect only three gifts under the tree from mom and dad. Why three? That was the amount given at the first Christmas. We brake the gifts down into three groups:

Gold - the item most desired (within reason)
Frankincense - an item we can share as a family (i.e. movie or game)
Mirth - an item that is practical (usually clothing)

At first the boys were upset because they "would not get anything" for Christmas, but those items had so much more meaning to them, that they forgot to complain on Christmas morning.

I still get the long wish list and I hear "I want that" after every commercial, but the boys know to be wise on what they ask for because they will not get everything on their lists. I know over time the boys will learn to enjoy the non-tangible things that the holidays bring to us.

What do you do to help with the "give-me's" in your home? I'd love to know.


  1. I'm taking Jessica's class too. Have to think about my goals still. Love your blinkies on the side :-)

  2. I'm in HIH also. I'm still thinking, my kids haven't been too bad in asking yet. They are still kinda little. Good luck! :)

  3. I love the way you break down your gift giving! this year I've {finally} set myself a budget, and intend on sticking to it... we're going to sit down this weekend and write our wish lists... the little ones don't really understand, and the big ones have been pretty reasonable to date...

  4. My kids get one present each from each parent - and we cooperate in the gift. Like last year, my ex gave DS2 a skywatcher (small telescope), I gave a star atlas. And then we have fun during the winter season finding dark spots where we can sit and watch the starry skies with the bare eye. Beautiful & meaningful!

  5. I'm curious hold old your boys were when you started this. I have three teenage daughters and I can only imagine the hell that would break loose if I told them only three gifts. But I would LOVE to find a way to cut out the excess. It is insane!