Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Lessons from Halloween

It’s such a joy to be able to live the excitement of the little things in live. This is one of the greatest pleasures I have with being a parent. I get to watch my boys get excited over the things that most adults and some kids take for granite.
Halloween is one of those special times. You might think what’s so special. To most kids it’s all about the candy, but not to my Kyle. You see, Kyle cannot eat anything that he collects on Halloween. He has multiple food allergies and there is nothing in the “normal” candy world that is safe for him.
Dispute this issue he is so excited to go up to each door and yell Trick or Treat as loud as he can. He is always laughing and giggling as he runs back and forth from the porches back to the sidewalk.
This year his brothers only went around the block and called it quits. Not Kyle. Him and me spend the whole 2 hours hitting every house in our subdivision.
Through out the night he would keep telling me this is the best night ever. I just had to smile and agree with him. He made me see the fun in just walking around and pretending.
As a special treat when we arrived home I traded some of his candy for safe candy and the rest we weighed in. He had 5 lbs of candy and chips! Amazing!
The night reminded me to enjoy the process and not to worry so much about the out come. I’ll have to remember that lesson more often.

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