Monday, December 7, 2009

17 Again...Revisited

Welcome to the 17 Again...revisited train...If you came from Sara's blog I hope your enjoying the journey in time. If this is your first stop on the train, then let me give you some background. This train is on it's second journey. Our first journey took us back to when we were 17. We had a list of questions that we had to answer as if we were 17 again. My answer and layout are at this post. This journey brings us back to today where we will answer the same questions based on our lives now.

  • My hair style is...straight, highlights to cover the grey
  • My "fashionable" item is...jeans and t-shirt or sweat shirt.
  • I drive
  • On a Saturday I school, grocery store, son's bed!
  • Monday-Friday I kids schools, to gym, work, stores...anywhere life needs me.
  • My best friends is...this is hard...I have a lot of good friends but not one that is best.
  • My favorite subject...Art
  • My favorite place to hang out...Scrapbook Table, Kids Room
  • When I grow up I want design work from my home
  • My favorite drink...water and coffee
  • My favorite food...Homemade Soup, Roasted Chicken
  • My favorite band...Linken Park
  • My favorite TV show...Biggest Loser
  • I recently saw...New Moon
  • I wish I could visit...Europe
  • I am reading...The Pursuit of Happiness
  • One thing I want to do but can't...go to school full time
Something just never change...but luckily some do, like big hair. The next leg of the journey will take you over to Gen's blog "brought to you by the letter B". Enjoy learning more about Gen and stop by again soon.


  1. lol @ the big hair comment!! Thanks for sharing x

  2. Mmm roast chicken..that's a favourite of mine too. I really enjoyed learning a bit more about you "now" Thanks!