Thursday, December 3, 2009


I know Advent calendars start on December 1, but this year we were off by one day. Ken surprised the boys with Advent Calendars from Germany. (I think he wanted the chocolate eggs.) So the boys were allowed to open the first box the day they received their gifts. So yesterday they were able to resume open the calendars.

Normally we have one calendar for the family, but this year we have three - 2 Germany Kinder Uberraschung Calendars and 1 Lego Calendar. I have to say I love both of these calendars. I grew up on the German chocolate eggs - so this brings back memories of the fun we had getting these from our Oma and Opa. And I love the Lego one because it's Lego!

What was/is your favorite type of Advent calendar? Do you go for the activity based or the treat based?

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