Sunday, December 13, 2009

Call me Ms. Lucky

I'm lucky to live in an area were there is no shortage of local scrapbooking stores. There are a few that I frequent and enjoy going to crops at with friends. I know these stores so well that I know when they have their annual anniversary sales without even seeing the fliers or signs. One of these stores has their sale the first weekend in December. During the sale they have everything 20% off and they give raffle tickets based on the amount you spend. Tons of fun!

About five years ago I went eagerly to this store for the sale. This was when the economy was booming and I had saved up some money to have some fun shopping. The store was packed and it took me hours to shop and check out. When I returned home I jokingly said to my husband that I've been shopping at this store ever since they opened and never have won any of their raffle prizes. To my surprise I received a phone call the next day saying I won one of the prizes. I thought the women said I won a $50 prize bag, so I was extremely excited. I left the house as soon as my husband got home to see what the goodies would be. I was amazed when the women bought out this beautiful bag filled with goodies. I misunderstood her on the phone; I didn't win $50, I won the $250 prize. From that day on, I never say "I never win anything." And the truth is, I actually win quite often.

Since that first win, I have won something every year except one. Last weekend, I was out doing some running around when I remembered that it was the annual sale. I didn't really save up for the sale and I didn't really need anything, but I decided to stop in and at least get some basic supplies; adhesives, pop dots, neutral paper. I got a few raffle tickets, put them in the bucket and didn't think much about it. The next day I notice my answering machine blinking. I couldn't believe it when I heard that voice say "You have won something in our raffle." Those of you that know me well are now shaking your head saying I can not believe this. It cracks me up! I took the drive to the store and picked up my lovely bag of goodies. I'm looking forward to playing with some of the fun papers and embellishments. Too bad my luck doesn't work with the big lotteries!

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