Friday, December 11, 2009

Weekly Recap

I don't know were the week has gone. We have been busy with school work and house work. We had some major family decisions going on with our adoption, so that took up so much time worrying, thinking and praying. Unfortunately, we are once again waiting for a referral.

One nightly activity we have been enjoying is making snowflakes. The boys have really gotten into it and now many of our doorways are covered in beautiful creations. Here's our patio door:

When we started this project it was still warm (for December) and not a flake of snow was in the air. But two days ago that all started to change. We got about an inch or two of snow. It's on the grass, but you can still see the grass peeking through. The temperature has made the greatest change. It went from the 40-50s to the teens. With the crazy strong wind it's been below zero. That's winter in Michigan! Hope you all keep warm...

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