Sunday, April 11, 2010

Old School

Recently we introduced our boys to something that most of us grew up with - Looney Tunes. They have heard of Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck but never really watched them. We downloaded a Daffy Duck movie from NetFlix and sat back to see what they thought of Mom and Dad's cartoons.

I was amazed. My boys were laughing out loud. They thought they were great - just like we did. I don't think I've every heard my kids laugh that much watching "their" cartoons. They would chuckle on occasion, but nothing like when they were watching Tweety Bird turn into a monster after drinking a Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde potion.

I know people say that the old cartoons are too violent but really I don't think so. They are slap stick comedy. Yes there are guns and hammers, but it never made me want to hit my siblings in the head with a hammer. It also taught me about all the great classical music that is out there. Today's cartoons are usually sassy and disrespectful and still violent. I've forgotten how much I loved Looney Tunes and I'm glad I got to take a walk back in time to laugh our loud with my boys.

For those of you that loved Looney Tunes here's a great one. I love this one because when Bugs is dressed as a women, his name is Brunhilde. That's my mom's name. It's not too often you hear that in the media. (Shelly if you read this make sure mom watches the video) Enjoy!

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