Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Week in a Life

Hi! I've been busy taking pictures and writing things down for my "A week in a life" project. I haven't had any time to upload the photos or work on anything, so you will have to wait until (hopefully) next week to see why I didn't do it as I went.

Here's a peek at my Wednesday - I wrote down everything I did

6:30 wake up & shower
7:00 watch news for weather
7:15 read book to little guy
7:30 wake up big guys
7:35 eat breakfast
8:00 clean kitchen, unload dishwasher, make lunches, pack backpacks
8:15 help boys finish getting ready for school
8:25 walk to bus stop
8:35 bus comes
8:45 take little guy to school
9:00 stop at target to return item
9:15 grocery shopping at Meijers
9:50 stop at Vince & Joes for lunch meat
10:20 Home - unload groceries
10:30 coffee break & read
11:00 check email & balance check book
11:30 pick up little guy
12:00 Dentist appointment
1:30 Back home
1:45 make lunch
2:10 play outside with little guy
2:30 little guy still outside; me clean bathroom, sweep kitchen, dust main floor
3:15 got snail mail
3:20 Made phone calls
4:15 Big guys home from school
4:20 Clean our backpack
4:30 check email & blogs while boys play
5:00 Start dinner & help with homework
5:30 Eat dinner
6:00 Clean up from dinner
6:15 Take DS2 to Gymnastics; while DH takes other boys to soccer
6:30 Research for final project for MACA 155
7:30 Worked on Scrapbook Page
8:30 Took DS2 home
8:45 Went to my soccer game
9:30 Game started
11:00 Home from game
11:30 In Bed

Now you know why I haven't done any of my project. :)

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