Saturday, June 5, 2010

25 Days of Summer and other ramblings

I finished another book...Small Change by Sheila Roberts. It was a cute, light hearted friendship story with some financial advise mixed in. One of the things I liked about the story was that even though the characters didn't get what they had hoped for in the beginning, they discovered what they ended up with was so much better.

That is something I can struggle with - really seeing what I have. Like most people (I think) I get caught up in the "I want" thinking. I want to save up for the things I want and work hard to earn them - not put them on a credit card and then stress out about money. Before I had credit cards and had to pay cash for things in my live, I truly appreciated those items. So this book really made me think about getting back to those days and working to save then to get.

On another's another page I finished. I'm really loving this class, 4 pages down in 4 days!

My two oldest boys reached a big goal this spring. They both learned to ride a two wheeler. I was so proud of them. It only took a few days for them to really get the hang of it and just start zipping around our court. It's great when they get home from school now and ask if they can ride their bike instead of playing video games.

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  1. I love it when my son asks to play outside. I keep buying more outdoor toys for him to encourage lots of outdoor play.