Sunday, January 30, 2011

Decorating on a Budget

I have to admit, most of the walls in my house are bare. I look at them and think how nice it will be when I can afford some nice piece of art work. Recently I started to rethink that idea. The things I love to look at are photos or work that someone I know did. I started making my own artwork or using the things that I have from my children.

In my office/scraproom I have 6 frames that I put photos of my kids artwork. I plan on have my favorite piece from each grade for 1st-6th when I'm done. I really love how this brightens up my room and gives me inspiration.

Between the 6 frames I had one large frame. It was empty for over a year.  Again I was waiting for that piece of artwork that would work in the area. I decided to create my own work of art. I took a quote that I really liked from a book called Be.  It's a wonderful book of quotes, but they are done with wonderful text and design. I used the same design when I created my artwork and added some flourishes and used the colors that worked with my room.  I uploaded and printed it out at Shutterfly and I'm very happy with the outcome.

I plan on doing more decorating by using quotes and photos. I really like the look and the price.  If you have some empty walls just begging to be decorate don't forget about photos you have taken or artwork your kids made.  It could be just the thing to give your room a face lift.

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