Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Evaluation of a Scrapbooker

I had an interesting assignment to do for the Yesterday/Today Class I'm taking. I had to look back at the scrapbooking pages that I have completed in the past and write down what I like and what I would change.  I was excited to get to work because I like to look back at the pages, but I was worried about the time.  My perfectionist self told me I had to look at them all in one sitting.  Okay, that was not going to happen. I have over 30 albums and I don't have hours at a time to sit and reminisce. I wish I did, but hey I'm a mom! So, I set aside 15 minutes each day to look at the albums.

After doing this, I got to thinking about how my scrapbooking has evolved and I would like to share this brief history of the evaluation of a scrapbooker.

Our lesson begins in 1999...

This is one page from the first album I did of our honeymoon to Europe. That's when cutting your photos into every shape and decorative scissors were all the rage. I used acid free construction paper and some markers that I had around the house.  I laugh every time I look at this album. I also cringe because I don't have copies of these photos, and I can not find the negative (this was before digital cameras).

The next stop is 2001 and the next phase I went through - paper piecing.

Oh yes, paper piecing.  That all consuming, time sucking design work. This is one side of a 2-page spread. I punched out each flower and leaf and then inked or highlighted each one before gluing them all down. It took hours. Luckily that phase did not last too long and I moved on to some cleaner design work.

Here we are in 2003.

I started designing in a more linear fashion. This was the time when fiber was very "in" and I used a lot of it on my pages during this time frame. I also experimented with stamping in my albums.

In 2005 I was a kit user. I joined many monthly kit clubs that would send a kit to my house with coordinating supplies. (I still have many boxes of these that I never used.)

The one big change was that I including more journaling on my pages and used more photo clusters. I also became braver with cropping my photos, but only in squares or rectangles; no stars or hearts.

2007 brought on more meaning to my pages. Instead of only documenting the big events I started looking at the little things during our life. This is a good example of that type of page

I took close up photos of the different toys around the house to illustrate how you know that little boys live in our house.  I also started using enlarged photos as focal points to the design.

Then in 2009 I took the big step to digital design and using templates.

So what's 2011 going to be like.  Based on what I liked from the past 10+ years I think we will see:

  • More digital, but still some paper
  • Enlarged photos
  • More journaling
  • More pages focusing on the little things and feelings
  • The trend I'm into - the distressed look
I hoped you enjoyed this brief history of the evaluation of my scrapbooking.  If you are a scrapbooker, look back at your evaluation and see where you have been, what you would like to see carried forward and what you would like to leave behind.  By the way, I have some decorative scissors for sale - real cheap! :-)

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  1. I hacked up so many original photos too in the early days. I still cringe.