Friday, January 7, 2011

Here's to 40

Last year was a big milestone for me – I turned 40. Surprisingly this didn’t bother me as much as 30 did. My life is in a very different place then it was just 5 years ago. Here’s a look at a layout I did on my 35th birthday and one for my 40th.

Based on my 3 important focus items here is how 5 years made a difference.

My family life made some big changes at both time frames.  At 35 I had just had my third child. I was struggling to adjust to being a new mom again, but I was so happy with my little guys.  At 40 we had decided to be a foster family instead of an adoptive family.  I was struggling with the fact that our adoption was not a good placement and that we would soon be a family of 5 again.

Physically you can see a huge difference. On my 35th birthday I had just given birth a month earlier to my youngest. And yes I gained a lot of weight and it took me forever to get it off.  In the beginning I just figured the extra weight was just a side effect of having 3 kids and I would have to live with it.  Then I hurt my back and was so frustrated with the way I felt.  I made a decision that the extra weight was not acceptable to me and that it would interfere with living my life.  Fast forward five years and I’m glad to say the extra 40+ pounds are gone and they have been gone for over a year. 

My creative style has evolved in a big way.  At 35 I did all my scrapbooking with paper and adhesive. The only thing I used my computer for was typing the text. Now I use more digi-scrapbooking items and many of my layouts are 100% digi.

So were will I be in the next 5 years?

My goals are to have a stronger bond with my boys and husband and do more traveling with them; to compete in some fitness competitions; to start designing my own digi-items and work in a creative field.

Do you have a five year plan?  Leave a comment with your plan. They say when you commit it to writing you have a better chance of fulfilling your goals. :)

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