Friday, January 14, 2011

Housekeeping Schedule

I've recently discovered a new website that I enjoy visiting called Home Sanctuary. It's goal is to help you make your home a sanctuary without driving yourself crazy. A few years back I did the FlyLady things and I did learn some good tips but the whole method made this perfectionist go nuts. If something wasn't done how they had it laid out, I would feel like I failed. Home Sanctuary is not like that at all. She post small doable task to help you maintain your home.

This past week she has been talking about setting up a Housekeeping Schedule. I started doing this around the holidays so many of the ideas were already in practice.  But I have to say, if you don't have this type of schedule, try it out. It really has saved me a lot of time a frustration. She has a few different sample schedule that you can download or a blank one to make your own.

Here's a sample of my schedule:

 If your not sure where to start with creating your own schedule check out this post at Home Sanctuary to help you set up your own system.

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