Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ice Skating

We took the boys ice skating for the first time on Sunday. Well, I actually signed them up for 7 weeks of ice skating but didn't tell them. I figured if I told them ahead of time I would hear a lot of complaining about not wanting to do it. After lunch on Sunday, we told them to get their stuff on and grab their helmet and left the house. They kept asking what we were doing but we didn't say anything.

When we entered the ice arena, our predictions starting coming true. Logan started crying and Kyle and William were complaining that they could be playing video games. It took sometime to get skates on three kids and get them to the proper place for instruction, but we did it and in a timely fashion.

As we watched the boys glide a little and then fall down, we began to wonder if we would make the seven weeks of class. Logan was still crying and the instructor waved me over. Logan informed her that "He was going to die." After some reassurance and a promise that someone would hold his hand during the lesson, he continued to skate.

I'm happy to say that by the end of the 30 minute lesson all the boys had big smiles on their faces and they were spending more time on their skates then on their rears. They enjoy skating so much they have been asking me daily if we can go skate before the next lesson. It was a great experience. Now, Mom just needs to learn how to ice skate better!

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