Thursday, January 20, 2011

Yesterday & Today - Week 3

Childhood Memories.

This is what week 3 was all about. Those like things that I find myself repeating to my children or friends. Those little stories that you talk about with your parents or siblings.

Write them down.

Record the memory.

I struggled with this assignment at first. I sat at my computer and nothing really came to mind. I decided to look at some of the photos that I have scanned in from my childhood. This is when the flood gates opened. I'm a visual person. I needed the visual to remember stories about the little things. Things like our station wagon, Drive-in movies, and our old front porch. Each of these things have a story and sometimes more than one story. I'm keeping a list of prompts regarding these little stories for future referrence.

We only needed six memories for the first layout of the class. It was hard to just pick six after I looked at my photos. I really liked the idea of documenting six little stories together instead of thinking you have to create six different pages.

Digi Supplies from Good Life Kit @ The Daily Digi; Grunge Overlay by Jessica Sprague

I thinking of doing a page like this but each story would be about my siblings and what they mean to me and what I learned from them.  Or maybe a page about my parents and the six things I learned from them.  There are so many possibilities for these type of layout.

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