Thursday, January 27, 2011

Yesterday & Today - Week 4

This week was a challenge. The topic was to scrapbook something that was a challenge. Part of scrapbooking is to get a real picture of life. Life is not all birthday parties and trips to the zoo. It's about the ups and downs, the victories and failures, the gains and the loss. It's okay to include the challenging stories in your books. This makes them real.  And they can teach a lesson.

I decided to work on a page dealing with the challenge that actually started me into scrapbooking 11 years ago.  My Dad's struggle with Alzheimer. After my Dad passed away I wanted to make a scrapbook about his life, so that my unborn children (at the time) would know their Opa. I love this book. I look at each on his birthday every year and talk about the stories and pictures with my kids.  They know their Opa and his story even though they never had the opportunity to share his hugs, kisses and laughter.

This layout was different then that book. This layout focuses on my feelings during that time. My angry, confusion and regret. It was not easy writing this. When I sat down at the computer I just began to type - thinking no big deal - it's been 11 years I can write this down. Well, let me just say, thank you to Kleenex. So many emotions were brought to the surface that were long ago repressed. This was a very therapeutic and healing exercise.

If you have a challenge time in your past, try writing your feelings down.  You don't have to show anyone or share the story. It will just release that weight from you mind.  Try it - you might be very surprised how much better you will feel after you are done.

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