Monday, February 21, 2011

Clear the Clutter

I found one of the questions that Laura from Organizing Junkie asked us to ponder very interesting.

How tempted are you to rush out and pick up pretty organizing containers first?

I had to laugh, because I'm always so tempted to do this. Check out this pile on my extra chair in the office.

Yes, it's a bunch of containers I recently purchased because I started this decluttering project. What are they going to be used for? I have no idea. I just had to buy some just in case I needed them. Not the smartest thing because they may not be the right size or shape. They might just sit on that chair until I declutter my office. I just added more clutter to my home for no reason. (Add big sigh here.)

This little tid-bit of knowledge from Laura really made me think:
Remember it doesn’t have to be matching to be functional, nothing wrong with a good old-fashion cardboard box either.  Do the organizing FIRST which involves removing everything from the space, sorting and purging before worrying about how you are going to contain it. Don’t eat your dessert first my friends as tempting as it might be!
So no more buying the container before I know what I need. Even if it's on sale and it's really cool looking.

So how is my 52 weeks of Organizing going? I crossed off 7 things on my list. So I'm right on schedule even though I didn't do anything this week.  I didn't get to a project this week because on getting to the ones on my list that I either want my kids to join in with me or the project is large and needs to be broken down into smaller pieces.

Next week I have some projects planned with my kids. It's mid-winter brake and I gave them a heads up on some of the cleaning projects they will be helping me with - cleaning their closets, drawers and toy boxes.

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  1. I am guilty too, but luckily mine came together on this week's project, or I should say next week's post.