Friday, February 25, 2011

Clear the Clutter

I don't understand Winter Break! In our school district we get a whole week off for this lack luster break. We just went back to school a few weeks ago, do we really need a whole week off? The weather has been typical Michigan weather: cold, snow, cold, cloudy, cold.  So for a week we have been caged animals. At least it seems that way to me.

I knew this break was coming so I had some things planned out. One day the boys had to go into the office with me. They enjoy going to the shop because they get to sit in the conference room and watch a DVD.  They also get to see their Dad during the work week and we might get a game of table soccer in before we leave.  Another day we went shopping. I saved up their gift cards from Christmas just for this week. Now they have a few new books and toys to entertain them the rest of the week.

I also told them we would be doing some cleaning of their rooms. I like to have them involved with declutter their items so that they learn the importance of keeping things tidy and that they can not keep everything - there is a limit.

For week 8 of clearing the clutter we decided to tackle their closet.  All three boys share a room and one closet. It gets pretty packed with all their clothing and other items they like to shove in there when it's time to clean the room.

We had a lot of clothes that no longer fit or that were not fit to wear. We had papers and boxes all over the floor. We had so much on the hangers that when one shirt was removed two would fall to the ground and usually stayed there. 

I had each child come up to the room one at a time and help me go through their clothes. Here is the empty hangers from just one child's cleaning.  Multiple that by 3 and we have some much needed space in the closet.

Our goals were met with this clearing out process:
  1. Less clothes
  2. Papers and other clutter on the floor was either tossed or put into their boxes.  They each have a box for personal items. The rule is if the box can close everything is fine, if not it's time to declutter.
  3. Out grown items are not on the shelf taking up space.

It was a successful clearing of the clutter in the closest. Now my problem is this:

It's the pile of clothes that we removed from the closet. I need to figure a better system of storing or recycling their old clothes.  That's one of the projects on my list of 52 weeks of clearing the clutter so you will just have to stay tuned for that update.


  1. Looks like it was closet week! I tackled mine at and it feels great! Nice to 'meet' you!

  2. Kids all must go to the same school of learning to clean....shoving! Haha. Great job. What about labeled rubbermaid containers, sorted by size?

  3. Very nicely done! I have 6 kids and I regularly am putting clothes away or getting them out. I do like allysgradma. I use containers that are labeled BUT the thing that really helps is I have an index card for every container and it tells me that C1 has 2-3Toddler, C2 her 4-5Toddler, etc. This has been invaluable.