Sunday, February 27, 2011

p90x Update

Back in this post I talked about my goal to do the P90X workout.  I mentioned that I would post my results at month how has it been going? 

The first three weeks were great. I only missed a few workouts and I was feeling strong and fit. Then I got into week four. This was the recovery week.  Still had 6 days of working out but the workouts were more cardio and flexibility then strength.  I was feeling extremely tired and was haven't a difficult time getting through the day. During that same time period we had some stressful issues arise around our house which is never good for me when it comes to following a healthy eating plan.

When week 5 arrived I was missing more workouts and was so tired. I realized I needed to step back. I took this week to give myself time to balance again. Instead of doing the p90x I focused on my treadmill. I plan on starting up next week like it was week 5.

So I had a small set back but I'm still moving in the right direction. 

On a different note...If you have been following my One Little Word post or if you are curious about One Little Word come back on March 1 at 11 am (EST) for the OLW Blog Hop to see what I've been up to with my word Ignite.

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