Friday, February 4, 2011

Small Spaces

Do you ever notice that small spaces can be the scariest?  Dust bunnies and crumbs always find the corner of the kitchen to hid. Dust webs gather along the windowsill or in forgotten corners of the ceiling. Open up the junk drawer and I swear things have multiplied. My organization mission this week was to clean and organize some of those small spaces that I always look at in disgust because they are such a mess.
 My first spot was those junk drawers.  We have two, right next to each other. They were so crammed with stuff it was hard to open them. Every flyer, paper, pencil or note was stuffed into these little spaces.  It didn’t take much time to weed out the updated junk and the items that didn’t belong in the drawer.  One scary place made happy again. 

 The second spot was the Wii and Kid movie drawer.  We didn’t really have a drawer. The Wii stuff was just piled on the floor by the TV. I hated looking at it every time I came into the room. We have an armoire in the room, so I decided to clean out one of the drawers and put the videos the kids like and the Wii games and controls into these drawer. It’s low enough that the kids can get the things they need and return them when done.  

 So what happened to the items that were in that drawer? It’s not like I had an empty drawer in the house. I removed the kid videos that the boys out grew. No more Blue’s Clue or Baby Einstein. I also purchased this great basket at Target to store all our ThinkFun games. 

The final area was the kids little table. It’s always a mess. Crayons, pencils and paper cover the surface. 
I bought this great storage system from IKEA to store all the little stuff.  Now there is a bin for crayons, markers and pencils. The long shelve holds erasers, rulers and hole punches. I also have a few hooks to hang scissors and a clipboard.  I really like how this looks and it makes it easy for the boys to find what they need. Now the trick is to get them to put everything back where it belongs. But now that thinks have a home, I think will make it a little easier for them. 

Don't be afraid of those small spaces. You can quickly turn them into little happy spaces all around your house.

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  1. Just found your new blog and I LOVE it!

    Hope you're all staying warm!

  2. What great encouragement for getting to the small spaces. Thanks for stopping by our blog and I'm looking forward to seeing your next project.

  3. This gave me a great idea of how to get all the colors organized thank you..would love it if you stop by at my blog..:)

  4. I like all the little dividers in your "junk" drawers. Happy organizing!

  5. All these small spaces look great! Small spaces seems to be a common theme for week 5!