Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snowed In

We were hit by the big snow blizzard yesterday.  Everything was closed down. We received the phone call the night before that school would be closed. When I went to bed it was snowing a little but not like they said. The weather people were predicting 12-15 inches over night. When I woke up and looked outside I knew they were wrong. We got snow, around 5 inches.  It's still snowing but they canceled the blizzard warning so I think we will be fine.

There is something about fresh snow that is great. This snow was the big fluffy flakes that I love to watch fall. Darling Hubby got to get some good use out of our new snow blower, so he was happy. Well, maybe not happy, but at least he didn't have to shovel everything.

 The boys went outside to help with the shoveling, but they decided to get a game of snow basketball going. Sorry the photos are so bad. I took them from inside the house. 

So what did I do today with the kids home. Baked!  The house smells great.  We had pancakes for breakfast and then I made some banana bread for a snack.  I also did a batch of homemade granola bars for school tomorrow.  I'm hoping it's not closed again!

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