Monday, February 14, 2011

Something Sweet

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Love. Amour. Liebe. How ever you say it, it's one of the best words. Everyone needs to feel loved and adored. But not just on one day, every day. My husband and I do not really do V-Day. We don't buy presents.  Usually it's a card, maybe dinner out. This year I plan on making a nice steak dinner before I go to my soccer game. (Yes, I still play soccer) I also made some cards for my sweethearts. This year I made these little pieces of yumminess (picture above) for the gang.  They are chocolate sugar cookies that I put on stickers and used royal icing to decorate. The recipe was from Food Allergy Mama.  Even if you don't deal with food allergies, she has some of the tastiest recipes around.

On another sweet note, we celebrated Kyle's 8th birthday this weekend with this fun cake.  He requested this favorite video game character: Kerby. I was happy to say it was an easy cake to decorate.

He also requested a white cake, not chocolate. That through me for a loop. I didn't have a good vanilla cake. So I got one out of my cookbook and gave it a good. I wasn't really happy with the results. It was very dry and crumbly. I'm on the search now to find a good vanilla or yellow cake.  If you have a good one you would like to share please leave a comment.

I love thee to the depth and breadth and height my soul can reach - Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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