Sunday, February 13, 2011

Super Bowl Sunday

I wonder how people get timely post on their blogs. You know the ones: The day after an event they have their photos edited, witty commentary typed and dozens of links ready to explore.

I know the Super Bowl was last Sunday. I'm not perfect. I need time.

In the past I would have skipped this post because it wasn't ready the next day. But being an imperfect person now, it's alright to post when I'm ready. I finally had some time to download my photos and type up some comments. My life comes first, not my blog.  So here goes.....Super Bowl Sunday.

We enjoyed a small gathering at our friends, Joe & Sarah. Our family was decked out in our black and gold. This is a must in our family. Ken would not have it any other way. He even bought me a shirt to wear this year, so I can be a true fan. My contribution to the black and gold were some yummy sugar cookies; even the Packers fans gobbled them up.

But our hopes were not to come true. One mistake after another, it was hard to watch at some points. In the end the Packers won, but it was an exciting game. Of course, we received many phone calls giving their condolences or sticking it to Ken.

Some of the highlights of the night:

  • Troy Polamalu stopping by the party - maybe not!
  •  Kyle in a cheese head. Knowing my husbands obsession with the Steelers this was very comical to everyone.
  • My favorite commercial of the night: Chrysler Eminem Commerical
  • Being with good friends & my family

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