Sunday, February 6, 2011

Twist on New Years Resolution

It’s February.

How’s your resolution doing?

I believe most resolution start to loose their power this month. If you have been following this blog you’ll know that I made a decision not do a resolution this year, but to pick One Little Word to guide me.

Are those the only choices in working towards something better in the New Year?

During one of my chats with my sister, we started talking about our New Years resolution. It was your typical wish list: lose weight, get on a budget, and spend more time with family.  Then she told me about her co-worker’s goal.  He decided to put his talents to work to benefit other people. He’s a handy man and likes to fix things. His goal for the year is to help someone every month (if not more) with an unexpected repair. 


So far he has helped someone repair a wheelchair ramp into their house, removed wallpaper, and hung some light fixtures. My sister was the lucky recipient of his handy work for the year.

I just love this idea! How can I use this in my own way? I’m not a fix-it type person. I like doing things myself but I usually need help in the process.

What could I do?

I bake.   People love food.  Hmmm…

Yes, the brain is working. What if I use my baking to brighten someone’s day when they don’t expect it? I like it!  It really doesn’t take that much effort to make a double batch of something. I can wrap it up and surprise someone with some love’n from my oven.

Now the perfectionist in me is starting with the questions: How often? Who? When? What? Etc…  Stop!  No rules. If this is going to come from my heart then there can be no rules. When the opportunities come I’ll take them.

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