Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yesterday & Today - Week 5

Is a scrapbook page without photos really a scrapbook page? That was the question in this weeks lesson for Yesterday & Today.  The answer was a resounding YES! If you have a story you should share it, even if you don't have pictures. If you didn't have a story in mind the challenge was to make a layout with little facts about your life. I really loved that the format of this page was not my typical 12x12 page, but a 6x12. I kept everything very simple and let the words speak for themselves.

Since this was a different size then I normally work with, I also needed something for the back of this page. I decided to do the opposite and let the picture do all the talking. I just used a current photo of me. I might add some basic facts about me to the page - like birth date, full name or something like that.  But for now I just like how simple it is and may just end up keeping it this way.

I really liked this week's lesson because it gave you freedom to write the stories you want without worrying about having the perfect photo.  This will come in handy when I start documenting older memories or stories that belong to other family members.  If you haven't tried making a page without pictures, give it a try! You might find it a nice departure from the norm.

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