Friday, March 11, 2011

Clear the Clutter

This week I need to tackle some of the clutter in our computer/craft room.  We have a lot of clutter in this room so I have broken it down into smaller areas.

The first area included one of the flat surfaces that has turned into a caught all. It has our camera equipment, office supplies, crafting supplies and lots of dust.  It was an eye sore and needed to be cleaned up.

The cabinet above this area looked like this. A pile of cables and chargers and a lot of wasted space.

The third area was another cabinet that was home to our computer software and manuals.  Good luck finding anything in there without everything falling out on top of you.

First thing I did was remove everything from the cabinets.  I asked my hubby for some help figuring out what was still needed and what was junk.  Surprise, surprise, most of it was junk!  I put cables, booklets and CDs for equipment into ziplock bags to keep items together.  For example, the leapster bag has the cable to hook it to the computer and the software CD. These were all put into a basket.

Now check out this wonderful cabinet! Only the current manuals. A box for any software CDs and the basket with ziplock bags. You can actually find something without everything falling out.

The camera equipment cabinet got the same treatment. Everything was removed. The stack of tapes now have a home in a small box. The chargers for all the different equipment are in a large box. Now there is room to put the bag and equipment in the cabinet.  I might purchase a shelf to put in this cabinet to put the equipment on to make it easier to get into the box.

My cabinet counter can now be seen again and it helps bring the creative energy back into this space.


  1. I am going to have to steal the ziploc bag idea. I have a pile of cords, cds, and instruction books just waiting to be sorted. Fortunately, it is in my bedroom in a basket so no one sees it!! :-)

  2. Omgosh what a change! I use ziplocks a lot too.

  3. Can you please come to my house and fix my office???? :-) This looks awesome and gives me some ideas!