Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Coping with Food Allergies

 It's something a parent will never forget. The moment the doctor says, “Your child has a food allergy”. The feeling of fear and confusion that sets in and all the questions that fill your mind can be overwhelming. What do we do? How did this happen? What can he/she eat? How will we keep our child safe?

I understand these questions. I've been asking this questions for over 6 years now when my son had his first PB&J. He just bit into the sandwich and his body started to react. His face began to swell up and turn red.  Within seconds you could not see his eyes because they had swollen shut.  It was a frightening experience. Since that time I’ve learned a lot about my sons allergy, but I’m still learning more every day.  And I still have questions.

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a wonderful local support group, FACES of Michigan.  Through this group I’ve learn different strategies on dealing with food allergies and the world. I've also relied on books and web sites to educate and support me when I needed help.

Over the years I’ve received phone calls or emails from friends stating they just found out their child has food allergies and they don’t know what to do.  So I decided to do a four part series here on my blog to help get people started.  These are the things I tell my friends to get them started on their journey in understand and living with food allergies.

Part 1: Your Child has Food Allergies: Now What?
Part 2: Resources: Books and Web sites that are worth looking into.
Part 3: Cooking and Eating Out: What to eat and What to ask.
Part 4: Going to School: Questions to have a Safe Education Experience.

My hopes in posting this information are to help people understand food allergies better and how to get help for their families.  Even if you don’t deal with food allergies in your family, I’m sure you know of at least one person living with this issue. I'm a strong believer that education is the key in keeping these precious children safe. The more people that know and understand the facts the safer we can keep these children.

I will post one part each week, so please come back to check out Part 1 next Wednesday.

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The posts on this blog do not constitute medical and/or legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Always discuss individual health questions, concerns and medical issues with a qualified personal physician.


  1. Hi, found you through Blogging for Scrapbookers!

    This sounds like a good idea. We're lucky that no-one has allergies that provoke such extreme "shock" type reactions, but recently I turned "dairy free" and felt better for it - a "sensitivity" to dairy, rather than an allergy, but it's still tricky to manage my diet sometimes!

    I will come back and read your posts - my DS has had friends with food allergies (blueberries?!) and it's handy to know how to handle these things, even if they affect those outside our family.

  2. I saw your link on Blogging for Scrapbookers, and clicked through straight away - my son has inherited my allergic tendencies, and is allergic to nuts and fresh strawberries. I guess in some ways I'm fortunate because being allergic to nuts myself means that I already know quite a lot about allergies and what we need to do. I'm always interested to find out more though, so I shall look out for all your posts on this subject. Thanks for sharing x

  3. I have found myself suddenly allergic to Chinese food, I've not worked out what it is I'm allergic to but it was a very frightening experience. It must be so difficult coping with a child's food allergies