Tuesday, March 15, 2011

House Cleaning

I'm not good at cleaning. It's not my thing. I had to learn that good enough was fine because when the house was dirty I would get crabby.  Some people are good at housework. That's there thing. Like my sister -  that's her thing. She was always good at keeping her house clean even when her kids were little.  She rocked at it!  But then again she's my older sister so she just ROCKS, plain and simple!  But that's a whole other story.

But why is it that housework is so hard for some to get a handle on? I don't really think anyone likes housework, it's just some are better at it then others. So how can someone like me, who's a recovering perfectionist who doesn't like clutter and dirt, but doesn't like to clean figure that out. So that's part of what I'm trying to do.

I started by creating a weekly housekeeping schedule.  This helped me get a basic flow to what I know I need to do each week.  The things that have really helped me keep things going with my schedule are:

1. Have a bottle of my all-purpose spray and a rag on each floor.  That helps me do a quick tiding up of bathroom counters or kitchen counters or spills on the floor. I also showed the boys how to do a quick cleaning when needed.

2. Take 10 minutes a day to hit the "hot-spots". You put a piece of paper on an empty counter and the next thing you know it's full of stuff and you have to straighten it out.  I figure if I can keep surfaces empty, clean and put things back were they belong they stay cleaner.

3. Limiting errands to one or two days so I'm not wasting time driven all over time.

I still don't like housework, but I feel I have better control over the house and the clutter is not taking over.

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  1. Saying that cleaning is not my thing will be an understatement LOL Thanks for posting the link to the Home Sanctuary, I am going to try it!