Tuesday, March 1, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop

Xnomads' Blog

Hello and welcome to my blog!
  If you are coming here from Katrina blog, I'm glad you could stop by.  I hope you are enjoying this One Little Word Blog hop.  If you are unfamiliar with One Little Word be sure to visit Big Picture Classes or Ali Edwards Blog for more information. The short explanation is instead of a resolution for the year, you have a word to inspire you.

My word for this year is IGNITE.  If you would like to see what I've posted about my word already please check out this post.

This months was all about seeing my word through the lens of my camera. The goal was to get nine photos that either literally or figuratively represented my word.  At first I was worried, I wasn't really sure how I was going to capture my word in photos.  So I started with the literal photo first: a candle burning

This represents my goal of igniting peace in myself and my life. To relax and not be so stressed and to stop questioning my pass decisions.

The figurative photos were much harder. I didn't know where to start. I decided to make a list of the areas in my life that I want to ignite this year.  Once I had this list I needed to think of ways to represent these passions.

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm not a church goer. But that doesn't mean I don't believe. I want to ignite my faith by opening my heart to a more powerful being. I'm not sure how this will come about, if by going to church or reading books on spirituality. I will have to wait and see what happens this year.

The last year my life has been very off balance. I need to ignite balance by looking at how I spend my time, energy and money and make sure I'm spending these resources to bring balance to my life.

My health is very important to me. I've made many changes over the years to be healthier. I want to ignite my health by only putting food that was grown and not processed into my body.

To ignite my strength, I need to push myself beyond my normal routine. I've lost around 50 pounds in the last 3 years and now I want to be fit and strong.

Just taking this photo ignited my joy. I had to do many takes with the auto timer to get a decent photo. I want to bring back the joy in the little things, in the mundane things, in the everyday things. Life is too short to be crabby about folding the laundry. I need to find the joy in the task and focus on that beautiful feeling.

I want to find time to play more. Igniting my creativity is important to me for my future professional goals. I'm not always going to be a stay at home mom and I want to focus on my creative side this time when I re-enter the work force.

I didn't have a clue how I would capture this word in a photo until I woke up early one morning and saw this beautiful sunrise. I want to ignite my sense of adventure by not only seeing things, but doing more things.

Last but not lest I want to ignite the love I have for my family, my friends and for myself. Too often I get my priorities mixed up and need to put the love and adoration I have for the people in my life first.

So there you have it.  Ignite in pictures.  I hope you come back to see how I can ignite these aspects of my life.  If you enjoyed what you saw, please leave a comment. And now onto your next stop on the One Little Word Blog Hog.  Your next destination is over at Mandy's Blog.  Thank you for stopping by and if you get lost along the way here is a complete list of all the stops on this Blog Hop.

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  1. Beautiful photography! Lovely examples of igniting different areas of your life!

  2. Well done! Very creative with your photos. Love it. Happy March :)

  3. You have truly captured the essence of what this class is all about! Well done!

  4. Love how your whole nine patch turned out! You have great photos to capture your word-Ignite! The sunset is just stunning BTW! Thanks for sharing and good luck with your word this month!- Amanda (#21)

  5. Your figurative photos were fabulous! I especially liked the idea of igniting faith - very clever.

  6. You have captured the essence of your word perfectly with your great photos. I particularly liked your "joy" photo. My word is "enjoy" so I can remember to enjoy the little moments.
    Lisa xx

  7. love the way you added words to your photos and I think you captured your word perfectly.

  8. beautiful post. beautiful photos, and beautiful you- 50 lbs - wow!!!!

  9. I love all your photos, but especially the candle! Thanks for sharing and good luck on your journey! :)

  10. Excellent way to capture your word. Love your jump for Joy.

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  12. Fabulous photos, you obviously put in alot of thought and energy into the month's task! Lovely!

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  14. great pictures as reminders for things you want to ignite in your own life.

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