Monday, March 7, 2011

Yesterday & Today - Week 8

Wow...I don't know what happened but I've fallen behind in my Yesterday & Today class.  In week 8 we switched gears and started documenting today stories. Maybe that is what cause the screeching halt to my creative juices. I think the bigger problem was getting current photos to use in the layout.

Last week, I spent some time finalizing my list of perspective prompts. From those prompts I decided what type of picture I would like to have of me to go with the prompts. I looked back through the past year and picked out some photos. The prompts that I didn't have a photo for I decided to set up the camera and used the handy-dandy self timer.

One of the requirements was to have me in each photo, since the layout was showing my perspective as of today. I'm really happy with the "see" photo because I was able to capture my reflection in the ipad screen.  I just wish I had cleaned the ipad screen before the photo was taken!

This was a wonderful assignment because I really had to think about 'right now'.  I can see using this same layout but changing the prompts.  Maybe something like the cost of living today. Or compare things from the year you were born and now. Or your different titles - mom, sister, wife, daughter, student, maid, cook, etc. There are many possibilities.

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