Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Over the weekend we stopped by a Borders Bookstore that is closing in our area.  I love bookstores. It's very hard for me to leave one without buying something. Now, add that to the fact that everything was priced to go and I left with a big stack of books.  Here's the books that I added to my to read pile next to my bed:

I was waiting for this to come out on paperback, but at 60% off I had to pick it up.  The same goes for this book...

This book was just a fun find.  I enjoy Jennifer Cruise lite hearted, fun novels.

This book I've seen on a few blogs and through it would be interesting to read.

I've read the orginal Omnivore's Dilemma and thought it was a great book and really eye opening. I like that there is a young readers edition because now maybe my kids will understand why mom is so crazy about what we eat and what we don't eat.

Then the boys were able to pick out a book. All the children's books were gone, so we went to the reference section and found these great books.

It might take me all year to read all these books but I'm looking forward to some quiet time curled up with a book.


  1. You scored big :) I might have to run over to the closest Borders this afternoon!

  2. I can't walk through a bookstore without buying something either. Glad you picked up some bargains, looks like a nice pile of books to read. Enjoy!