Friday, April 22, 2011

Clear the Clutter

This week for my Organized Junkie Clear the Clutter, I've decided to tackle some cyber clutter.

I noticed that even though I was busy during the day I was not getting my usually work load accomplished. I was having a hard time figuring out what the problem was, I wasn't reading more, I wasn't meeting up with friends more, I was actually working out less, but I wasn't getting more done.  Then I looked at my Google Reader.  The amount of blogs that I was following had grown tremendously. I was spending all my time reading blogs and surfing the web.

I read this post at Steady Mom about setting limits regarding computer usuage and I said "Yep, I've gone beyond my limit."  Time to declutter.   Please don't be offended if one of your blogs don't make the cut. It doesn't mean I will never visit, I just have to set limits.

So how do I set the limit.  Within my reader I had categories: Crafts, Cooking, Family, Home, etc..  I decided my first cut will be to only have a max of five blogs in each category.  Some blogs are part of a family, so I decide to have only one in the family because if something really earth shattering was happening at the sister blog they would point me to that posting.

This was not as easy as I thought it would be. To help I would look at the last 10 post on that web-site. I would ask these questions:

  • Was I really inspired by most of them?
  • Have I moved on to another faze of my life?
  • Has the blogs focus changed?
  • Do I get the sites emails along with the blog post?

These simple questions really helped narrow everything down.  Before this process I was following close to 60 blogs. Now here is were I stand:

Allergy Blogs (3)
Challenge blogs (3)
Craft blogs (5)
Food blogs (9) 
Family Life blogs (5)
Inspiration blogs (2)
Friend Blogs (1)
Photography (1)

I'm working on getting the food blogs down to five, but I'm having a hard time. Some of those blogs are baking or frugal cooking or picky eating. I want to make sure I keep a good mix for the five.  I'm going to see what the post are like over the next few weeks and see which ones I tend to use more. But even with my over load on Food Blogs I'm now down to less then 30 blogs I'm following on a daily bases.

To maintain this I will have a folder for new blogs I want to check out. I can keep a blog in there for 2 months to evaluate if it will be added to another folder.  If that folder is at the max then something has to go.

After removing these blogs I worried about what I was missing, but I realized I was missing more by being in front of my computer.  Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by! And I understand if I don't make your cut.

Update: I've realized after writing this post that I do let these rules slide when I'm taking an on-line class. I like to look at other classmates blogs during the weeks to see their take on assignments. When a class is over I will  evaluate my lists and decide which ones I want to follow daily.


  1. yep, right now my blog reader tops out at 184. After BBFS, I'll whittle it back down to between 50 and 75!

  2. Good for you, Monica! I need to do some de-cluttering, too. I've noticed a lot of duplicate with newsletters and blog posts being the same.

  3. Great idea! I need to go through my reader and declutter as well. Thanks for the inspiration to get it done!

  4. I just keep interesting lists in a folder and visit when I have free time. Good for you for setting boundaries.