Saturday, April 30, 2011

Easter Eggs

I decided to go all natural this year. No store bought dyes for us. I read this post about Dying Eggs Naturally over at What's Cooking with Kids and decided we would give homemade dyes a try.

We decided on three of the colors: Red-Orange, Blue and Yellow.  Well, I decided because they would be the easiest for me to make since I had everything on hand. Or at least I thought I had everything on hand. I had to send my sweetie out looking for turmeric.

I started the pots of boiling water and in no time the house smelled of cabbage, chili powder and Indian food...not very Easter smelling.

While the dyes were brewing, we all got busy putting stickers and rubber bands on the eggs. This was easier said then done. The stickers wouldn't stick and most of the rubber bands kept sliding off. The boys lost interest very quickly.

I put the eggs in the dyes and we waited.

The end results were some nice soft Easter shades. But I think next year we will go back to the store bought dyes, they are just more fun to decorate.


  1. That's a lovely holder for your Easter eggs!

  2. We don't do anything like this at Easter but it looks fun. The eggs turned out such pretty colours but I take your point about the aromas!