Thursday, April 14, 2011

Farewell 2008

I'm a random chronological scrapbooker.

You might wonder "What the heck is that?"

I have albums for each year and like to have my pages in order. During the year I will work on current pictures when the mood strikes. I will put this pages in storage (a large storage box) until I'm ready to put them in an album. When I'm ready to put the years album together I go through all my photos for that year and make a list of topics/pages that I would like to have for the year. Then I go through the pages I already did and cross off the items on my list. After that I look at what I have left and work on those items in chronological order.

When I have all the items on my list crossed off, I purchase the albums I need and start putting everything together. Then I start the process all over again with the next year. So I can now say farewell to 2008 pages. I finished the last few and now I will move onto 2009.

Here are the last few. Some Halloween and Christmas joy.

 It might seem like I'm years behind, but like I said I do work on current pages when I'm in the mood. This method might sound a little confusing but it works for me. I can not let go of the chronological style, but I don't always want to work on things in order. 

What style of scrapbooking do you use? chronological? random? your own style?  Has your style changed over the years or because of a class?


  1. Wow, I am so impressed! You are so organized and in my world you are incredibly up to date!

  2. Amazing organisation - very impressive! I'm fairly random in my scrapping too - and it really stays that way. I'll put holiday pages together in the same album, but family/general pages are all mixed up at the moment ... the down-side of post-bound albums!

  3. Another Wow, how organised is that? I scrap what moves me at the time, very random indeed. The only scrapping I am doing at the moment is digital for my 365 project, although I did a few pages for Shimelle BfS :)

  4. Very organized indeed! That is a great system - the best of both worlds.