Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reading Food Labels

I just had another lesson in reading food labels.  It's not my first lesson and I'm sure it will not be my last.

I purchased some vanilla creamer for my coffee. It was a new product from Organic Valley.  Since it's not something that my food allergic child would be consuming I just did a quick scan of the ingredients.  The next morning, as I waited for my coffee to brew, I read the label again.  This is something I always do, read a label before using the product, even if I read it at the store.  And boy was I surprised!  My vanilla creamer had almond extract in it! What? I did a double take. I even doubled checked to see if I did indeed buy the vanilla creamer and not hazelnut. You might think what is the big deal since he doesn't drink coffee, but I do and then I go a wake him up with a kiss. Something that simple can cause him to have a reaction and it's not worth it.  I tossed the creamer and bought my normal brand...of course I read the label carefully before putting it into my cart.

I've had this happen it me a few times. Once with a box of cereal that to my amazement had peanut flour as one of the last ingredients and one time with some lip gloss I bought that had almond oil as a main ingredient.  Even if the product is something you buy all the time, you must read the label each and every time.  Products change without notice.  It's frustrating and time consuming, but it's an important step in keeping people safe.

It's important to remember, when shopping for food, read all food labels carefully and completely. Don't assume that a food you've always eaten safely will have the same ingredients the next time you purchase it. Read the label each and every time you shop.


  1. Very true, Monica! It’s the least that we can do for ourselves and for our family, too. Examining the product ingredients will save you from skin allergies, or worse, internal allergies such as asthma, allergic rhinitis, and eczema. Additionally, you must also check the ingredients for added sugars, which might also be harmful to your health.

    Jessie Henn

  2. People must not disregard reading food labels as it is very important that you really understand what product you’re getting. In addition, it’s not good that you instantly get satisfied on how the product is being presented to you. As you love the label design, you need to read the information written there to determine if it’s wise to buy the product. It will not take you a long time reading it. It’s also for your own good so you must put a little effort in reading those food labels.

    Granville Lochrico