Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Old Fashion Fun

Remember as a child playing with a cootie catcher or a paper fortune teller. Now you might have a different name for this homemade toy, but I'm sure you have seen it. I came across the directions of how to make one over at mom's minivan and printed out her ready made one to show the boys.

My boys went crazy! They loved it so much that they each had to make their own with some more "boyish" fortunes. You know what I mean.  Things like You smell! or You are the President of boggerland.  Boy humor. You got to love it!

When their Dad got home they didn't even let him get his shoes off before asking him to do their cootie catcher.  This piece of paper entertained all three boys for close to an hour.  Now that is a huge accomplishment.

It was a lot of inexpensive fun and laughs. Keep this in mind when you have one of those rain days and need something to do.  Check out Mom's Minivan for instructions or here is a visual.

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