Sunday, May 1, 2011

One Little Word Blog Hop

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Welcome back to the next One Little Word Blog Hop!

It's that time again. Time to check on the process of my One Little Word project.  I'm so grateful for this monthly blog hop and all of you that stop by, it really motivates me to keep working on my word - Ignite. If you would like to see what I've done already this year, check this out.

This month our assignment was to write a letter to our future self.  In this letter you were to describe yourself now and where you hope to be in one year. This letter was hard since part of what I've been working on is living in the moment, so thinking about where I would be in a year goes against that. I put that aside and started writing. I focused on my nine pictures from February as a guide.

Since the letter is personal I didn't take a photo of it, but here is the cover page for this month.  You might notice, if you are in the class, that I had to change my page design. I had to use a different page protector than the one Ali used in her class example. I already used the back of last months project for my "ignite" song lyrics, so I used another 5x7 page protector. My letter was two 5x7 pages, so now I should be back to the class "norm". 

One thing I will share about my letter is some of my hopes for a year from now. I hope to be back at school getting my Media Arts Degree, stepping up my health and fitness goals and being content with the simple everyday things of life.

Have you ever written a letter to your future self? If yes, what surprised you the most after rereading the letter?

Thank you for stopping by. Hope to see you next month. Your next stop on the blog hop is Chrissy over at Get Crafty with Chrissy.

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  1. Sounds like many of us had a difficult time with our letters for various reasons.

  2. My letter was rather personal also, but that's OK! I hope I can resist peeking for a year!

  3. No worries about the letter. Mine was personal too! I love how the blog hop keeps us all on track with our homework! I used my whole march page protector too! LOL! Look forward to seeing you next month!-Amanda

  4. I kept my letter personal too :) Love your layout; I think it looks great. So glad you're on the hop!

  5. I never was able to buy the needed page protectors, so have been doing my own thing each month. I like the photo you chose to use.

  6. One thing that is great about this class is that it is so easy to adapt and make things your own. You did a great job. I kept my letter private as well.

  7. thank you for sharing your letter and some of your goals. school is always a hopeful thing to do. love your cover page. I love this class - not much time for the mb, but my heart is still in it!!

  8. i like your photo for the 'note to self' and the cute embellishment...

    i have written a letter to my future self before for a class when i was in college. i was most surprised when i read it later about how much the encouragement and positivity from myself meant.

  9. I love what you have done with your photo. It sounds like you have great goals for the year ahead.

  10. i kept my letter enclosed in an envelope. i struggle with writing to my future self. seems i am doing all i can do to keep up with my present self. it's scary to think too forward. so i kept is short and in a bullet point fashion.
    i like how you changed up your layouts to fit what you had. there is no 'norm'. just doing what works.
    glad i stopped by!

  11. I have never written a letter to myself until now. I couldn't help but wonder what I will think about what I was writing 10 years from now. I debated whether or not to share my letter. Great self portrait!

  12. I still haven't written my letter to myself and I comlpletely get the goal of "living in the moment." I'm trying to do more of that myself.

  13. Great photo of you! Your goals sound very positive. A media arts degree sounds like heaven. How exciting! I think I've written a letter to myself in high school maybe? for a class or retreat or something, but I don't remember rereading. Hmmmm.... Thanks again for participating. Sorry I'm so late in commenting. I had some problems commenting on blogger and then life got busy.