Friday, June 3, 2011

Our Vacation - Space & Sand

The next day we went to Kennedy Space Center.  We were there just two days after the launch of the Endeavor, which is one of the final space shuttle missions.  The boys wanted to find as much as they could dealing with Apollo 11, since my middle guy did a report on Buzz Aldrin.

The structure in the distance is the launch pad that they used for the Endeavor.  The boys enjoyed looking at the rockets and shuttle.  I enjoyed reading about all the cool things we have now because of the space missions, such things like Velcro.

After lunch we drove to Cocoa Beach to have some fun in the surf and sand.

I had fun people watching. There were some very unique styles at the beach that day. The sounds of the beach are so relaxing to me.  And I have to admit I love building sand structures. We didn't do much building but just the feel of the wet sand between my fingers and toes is heaven.

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