Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Our Vacation

Last week I told you I would post more about our vacation.  I finally uploaded all the photos and I'm now able to share our lovely adventure with you. We decided to do a road trip from Michigan all the way to Florida. I was a little nervous about the hours in the car because the only times we have been to Florida with the boys we flew. I made some travel kits to help with the long hours in the car.

We broke up the drive down to Florida by stopping at Mammoth Caves and Diamond Caverns in Kentucky.  A friend of ours told us about Diamond Caverns and we are so glad he did. We really enjoy the Caverns more than Mammoth Cave.  Mammoth Cave is huge but there is not much to look at. The Caverns are still living and growing, so you get all the wonderful stalagmites and stalactites.

The second day of our trip took us to Florida and the house we rented. We spent the evening just relaxing in the pool and lazy river at the house.  The following day we did what I call the obscure tourist attractions.   First up was the air boat rides to look at wild life.  We were able to see so many different types of birds and got some good looks at baby crocodiles.

Next us was Gatorland Zoo.  This was my lest favorite spot. I didn't really agree with the way they treated the animals, so it was not what I would call entertaining.

At least I got this great photo with a fake crocodile.

To top the day off we headed on over the Medival Times. The boys were excited about having to eat with their hands. The show was fun and our knight was the victor of the tournament. 

The next few days were what I would call the main tourist sites when visiting Florida.  Come back to see what adventures we had at Universal Studios and Disney World.

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  1. Looks like the boys are having a great time!! Thanks for sharing. :)